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Wire Mesh Cable Tray  Detailed Information


Wire Mesh Cable Tray Material


Perforated Cable Tray

It has three load carrying capabilities: Heavy Duty Return Flange, Medium Duty Return Flange and Light Duty. And offer a good ventilation to cables, are generally used for moderate heat generating electrical or telecommunication applications.
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Wire Mesh Cable Tray

Trays shall be supported at a maximum span of 2.5m by trapeze, wall, floor or channel mounting methods and will not exceed maximum loads as specified by the manufacturer.
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Wire Basket Tray

Lionet basket type cable trays are normally made with galvanized steel wire welded into square or rectangular holes. Then it is powder coated or hot dipped finished.
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About Us

Lionet China supplies wire mesh and basket type cable trays, also perforated channel trays and ladders. Accessories are offered together. Lionet cable trays help build a quality cable guiding and guarding system.

We operate in North China started as a small factory.

We grow into a major wire mesh and perforated cable tray manufacturer and exporter. We support our customer with a comprehensive and growing range of wire cable systems with products produced from our own factory.

Lionet is proud to have particular expertise in manufacturing welded wire mesh cable trays, basket type tray, perforated ladder tray, channel tray, bridge tray, slotted and punched cable trays. The materials for producing include stainless steel 302, 304, 316, mild steel, galvanized steel, hot dipped, pvc or vc coated, aluminum and more. Wire mesh and basket tray for communication cables are made of welded wire mesh structures, in H form or B line and other deformed styles. The holes for wire mesh cable trays are square or rectangular. The perforated cable trays are made of slotted metal plate or panels. The slotted patterns for Lionet perforated cable trays are commonly round or square.

Wire mesh and basket for cable trays have light weight and good ventilation, while perforated cable trays and ladders have solid structure, stronger form and suitable for heavy loading sites. The punched slots in the perforated metal panel allow necessary ventilation for the cables.

Wire Mesh Cable Tray Perforated Cable Tray

General Information about Wire Mesh Cable Trays (Applied also to Basket Cable Trays) :

Material: Lionet supplies cable trays and channels mainly from mild steel and stainless steel. We use quality metals including Q235B Steel (Chinese standard steel), SS304, SS316 & SS316L.

Surface Finish: Lionet has four major finishes for either wire mesh or basket cable trays: electro galvanized, powder coated (PVC or Vinyl), hot dipped galvanized and electrolytic polishing. Details with technical standard as follows:

Electro zinc plated or galvanized steel cable tray:

This treatment is most popular for mild steel materials, and most economic. The electro galvanizing put a protective bright surface for the wire mesh cable trays. It is ideal for indoor use. The zinc plating is done according to the standard of BS EN 12329-2000 to a thickness of 12microns.

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Wire Mesh and Basket Trays with Powder Coating

The powder coating can be plastic PVC or vinyl. Black vinyl coated wire mesh cable trays are most popular type. The PVC(full name as plastic) or VC (full name as vinyl) coating is done meeting the standard of JG/T3045-1998. The protection layer thickness is between 6 and 10 microns. PVC and VC surface wire mesh cable trays are ideal for indoor uses. They can be supplied in various colors.

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Hot Dipped Galvanized or Zinc Plated Wire Mesh Cable Tray: This is a heavy galvanized steel wire structures for cable line protection and guarding uses. The zinc plating layer thickness can be 60 to 80 micron. Hot dipped galvanized or zinc plated surface treatment is done meeting the standard of BS EN 1461-1999. The hot dipped galvanized wire mesh trays have the features of corrosion resistance and are ideal for outdoor uses.

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Electrolytic Polished Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Cable Trays:

Bright, non-rust, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, ss cable trays are used both indoor and outdoor widely, at higher cost compared with galvanized and powder coated welded wire cable trays.

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Standard Wire Mesh Cable Tray

We provide standard Wire Mesh Cable Trays used for low voltage, telecommunication, and fiber optic cables supported on short spans. Wire mesh cable trays have the advantages of time saving, cost saving and simple installation. Welded Wire mesh system makes securing tray effortless with no screws or clamps needed for connections. Wire mesh cable tray has engineered tray interlocks to itself creating a tight secure bond. It is the ideal choice for cable management solution.

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Technical Information about Wire Mesh Channel Trays

Channel trays made of steel wire mesh provides an economical support for cable drops and branch cable runs from the backbone. Channel Cable Tray system has standard widths of 3, 4, and 6 inches in metal systems and up to 8 inches in nonmetallic systems.

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Single Rail Aluminum Cable Tray

Aluminum cable trays are perforated metal trays for cable line arranging and covering. Perforated aluminum cable trays have the features of corrosion resistance and maintenance free.


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Trough Cable Trays

Trough Cable Trays offer moderate ventilation with added cable support frequency. It has the bottom configuration providing cable support every 4 inches.

Trough cable trays are available in metal and nonmetallic materials.

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Support and Accessories for Installing Cable TraysWire Mesh Cable Tray Supports and Accessories

Lionet Wire Mesh Cable Trays are exported to many countries including American Countries like Venezuela. We provide quality cable trays full line products including the necessary fittings and installation tools in the telecommunication projects.

Lionet aims at long term relationship and will provide good quality at competitive pricing to help our customers remaining good position in the telecom market.

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